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Temp of the month: February 2023

February's temp of the month is Averil from Christchurch.

Averil has been chosen as temp of the month as she has proven that if youu want to do something, you get it done. Averil has accepted many different jobs on a casual basis.
If she is not doing gardening at home, she is out doing casual work and volunteering at care homes. Averil really is such an inspiration and is always happy to take those last minute shifts.
Every client has given her amazing feedback. Averil really is a golden nugget!

Thank you Averil for your hard work and dedication. We are proud to have you be part of our 1st Call team!

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22 / 11 / 2022

Temp of the month: June 2021

June's temp of the month is Knighton from Hamilton.

Let’s find your next job!

Let’s find your next job!