1st Call Recruitment can provide testing for ConstructSafe. No matter your location, we can arrange for testing to be conducted.

ConstructSafe Tier 1 Competency testis an initiative run through the Construction Safety Council of New Zealand. Everyone including clients, employers and workers, need to be confident that anyone working on site, are competent and safe to do so. ConstructSafe provides a consistent and transparent way to independently check the competency of any worker, trade specialist, supervisor, or manager, regardless of their employer. It provides reassurance that those working on site are competent and safe. Certificates are gained by taking a Tier 1 , Foundation Health and Safety competency test.

How it works

  • Anyone can take the interactive test at a 1st Call Recruitment test centre.
  • Photo ID must be provided on the day before the exam / test can be conducted.
  • The Test is then conducted. It’s an online test consisting of 50 interactive multiple choice questions, selected at random by ConstructSafe.
  • Should you fail the test, a second retest may be completed (included in the initial cost).
  • Once you have achieved a PASS result, a ConstructSafe card is issued. This Card proves that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out work safely on any construction site.
  • A ConstructSafe card can be audited / checked using a mobile device, providing instant verification of competency of the card holder

Should you wish to complete a ConstructSafe test, or have your staff tested, please contact your nearest 1st Call Recruitment office to arrange, Free Call:  0800 46 36 75