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Permanent Recruitment Services

Permanent recruitment Services

Hire the talent your business needs for today and tomorrow

Whether you are scaling up your business, so you need additional employees, or you are recruiting to replace staff, our team will help you get the right people quickly and cost-effectively. Our expertise in permanent recruitment covers a range of industries and job roles.

Permanent Recruitment Services

In the modern world of business, hiring the right people is incredibly important. Putting together the best possible team will give you a competitive edge, and we can help at 1st Call Recruitment. Whether you are hiring full-time or part-time permanent employees, get in touch with us.

Hiring new employees is a time of opportunity for your business, but it also has costs and risks. At 1st Call Recruitment, we work hard to minimise both costs and risks by using our expertise and well-established processes to identify the best candidates for your positions. By getting the best candidates, you are more likely to identify the right people – people who will stay the course and become productive and valued members of your team.

We understand that every company's requirements are unique, so we'll tailor our permanent recruitment services according to your needs. Whether you are hiring senior leaders, professional staff, skilled workers, or entry-level employees, contact us to arrange a consultation.

How it works


When you contact us, we will arrange a consultation where one of our recruitment specialists will find out more about your requirements and the people you want to hire.


We'll present you with a quotation for our recruitment services in addition to a plan for identifying candidates and helping you with the recruitment process.


We'll begin promoting your job vacancies, providing support to your hiring team every step of the way.

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23 / 11 / 2022

Temp of the month: October 2022

October's temp of the month is Quinn from Hamilton.

Let’s find your next job!

Let’s find your next job!