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Contract Recruitment Services- 1st Call Recruitment

Contract Recruitment Services

Contract recruitment Services

Contract Recruitment

If you have a requirement for contract employees in your organisation, we can provide the support you need. This includes situations where you have an immediate and once-off need for contract recruitment, or if your needs are on an ongoing basis.

Recruit the Contractors Your Business Needs

Recruiting contractors can give your business the immediate skills and resources it needs, with maximum flexibility. With contractors, it is easier, less time-consuming, and less costly to scale your resources up and down depending on requirements.

You'll also get a high degree of flexibility when you hire contractors. This makes contractors ideal if you have seasonal requirements to increase your workers, or if you need to increase your headcount to deliver a project. Contractors also provide excellent cover when permanent employees are off, such as when employees are on maternity or parental leave. At 1st Call Recruitment, we can also help if you are hiring contractors to bring specific skills into the business – skills that will enhance and augment those on your existing team.

We can also help if you need skilled and ready-to-go workers to start at short notice. With contractors, onboarding timelines are minimised, plus the contractor will hit the ground running, delivering on your requirements from the beginning.

How it works


Contact us to arrange a consultation with one of our contract recruitment specialists.


We'll develop a plan to deliver on your requirements, and you'll receive a quote.


We'll then use our expertise, database, promotional strategies, and other elements to identify potential candidates. We can also provide assistance during the interview and selection process.

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22 / 11 / 2022

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Let’s find your next job!