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Quick tips for securing work in today's market

Handy tips in time of need to help you secure a new role

At 1st Call Recruitment we understand that looking for a job can be hard work, but don’t worry – there are ways to help boost your chances in today’s job market and many are simple, tried and tested ways of boosting your chances. Here are some helpful housekeeping and useful tips to put your best foot forward.

The job market can change fast, especially when the economic outlook seems a little gloomy. As recruiters, we know when a worker can adapt and learn new skills, it can be highly advantageous to any employer.

Up skilling - Computers play a massive part in many roles in today’s world. Having a good grasp on the world’s most used packages is highly advantageous. It’s also useful to refresh in packages you may have not used in many years. www.Microsoft.com offers free trials and free online training across the most popular packages including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook just to name a few. There is a heap of free resources to refresh and show you step by step the most used functions. This can be done at a time that suits you and in the comfort of your own home. These can be found at https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/training

Networking might sound fancy, but it just means connecting with people. Attending free webinars and engaging with groups on social media like LinkedIn and Facebook is a great and easy first step. www.linkedin.com is basically the new global business card and CV storage yard where future employers and the world’s recruitment agencies search for top talent. If you don’t already have a profile, make sure you add one. (You can even search similar people online and see what a good profile looks like to get ideas or inspiration from). Make sure you follow industry groups and suitable companies and leaders when making connections. Try to participate in discussions where you can add value, and post suitable content that may be of interest to others. This offers a simple online way to reach new connections and opportunities. But don’t forget your immediate and local network. Always let friends, family and previous employers know you’re looking for a new opportunity; you never know who can provide you with a lead or might have a job waiting for you.

Be strategic. Applying for hundreds of job or “cool” jobs that you are not actually skilled for, can not only be time consuming but disheartening if you don’t get a response or offer. Many would love to be a pilot but unless you have the right skills and qualifications; then don’t apply if the job requires it. Instead, make sure your skills and CV align with the requirements to the role you’re applying for and don’t just send the same resume and cover letter to every job. Check it before you press send or the apply button. You never want the wrong name or details on a cover letter, this shows lack of attention to detail. Make sure you tailor each application, it doesn’t have to be long, to highlight and make sure the skills and experiences that make you perfect for that job are visible on the CV. Think of how you are going to stand out from the crowd! Recruiters scan hundreds of CVs per job so make sure the information they want to see is there. This is also a great reminder to update your CV with your correct contact details. It’s imperative to have correct dates of employment and duties for each job; this will give you a much better chance of success.

Contracts and Temping - In an ideal world, we would all have full time permanent jobs! However, in an economic downturn this can be harder to achieve. There are plenty of temporary or part-time opportunities available across the globe each day. Job boards like www.seek.co.nz and www.Trademe.co.nz are both a great place to start in searching for employment across New Zealand and afar. Hundreds of temp jobs across many sectors can be found online and these jobs can give you instant experience, immediate employment, most often weekly income, and can often lead to permanent opportunities. They are also great for building your resume and skills quickly. And if this is your first time on the job market with limited expertise, what better place to start than temping. It offers you to try a variety of roles and companies to find what you really love.

Take pride - Turning up to a job interview well presented, no matter the role, in clean, appropriate clothing is critical to create a positive first impression. Your appearance reflects your professionalism, attention to detail, and respect for the opportunity. Dressing well can also boost your confidence, helping you to perform better during the interview. You don’t have to dress like you’re off to a wedding, but clean and appropriate attire is always a must. Whether you’re a mechanic or global CEO; Dress for the occasion.

Be on time and plan - Always plan for the worst. If you have an interview booked, try to arrive at least 10 mins before the scheduled time. If you’re running late for any reason, always call and explain the reasons and apologize, most people are very impressed and appreciative of the honest communication before the due appointment and will forget about any lateness.

Being prepared is super simple and really important. Always prepare at least one or two questions for any interview no matter the role. Research the company as best you can to understand why you want to join their team. A quick look over their website the night before will keep it fresh in your mind. Not knowing at least something about the company, may show lack of interest or preparation. A quick tip, if you’re working with a recruitment agency always ask your consultant for advice about the company, the role, the culture, and any suggestions for questions to ask; they’ll be more than happy to give you the best preparation to secure the role.

No matter the stage in your career job hunting can be daunting, especially in an economical downturn, but keeping a positive attitude is crucial. Recruitment agencies can provide valuable guidance and support whilst seeking employment and many offer more than just job placement support. Many will offer to help to refine your resume, prepare for interviews, and offer career guidance. We understand that navigating the job market can be challenging, but with the right strategies, we can help you enhance your employability and find opportunities even in tough times.

https://www.canva.com/resumes/templates/ is a Free, modern, and up to date service with hundreds of great CV templates you can use and save. Pick one that reflects your personality best and give your cv a refresh. Your CV can be as long as it needs to be to reflect your skills and work experience with relevant information.

There are many ways to improve your chances for employment; these are just a few quick tips to set you on the best path. Happy job hunting and good luck.

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Let’s find your next job!