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Steps to finding a new role if you're made redundant

Handy tips in time of need to help you secure a new role.

1. Act now, don't delay!

Call your large local recruitment agencies as soon as you get notice of redundancy or restructure. Don't wait, get the ball rolling.
This way, if you’re made redundant, you will already be a few weeks ahead of the rest. Consider taking a short-term temp role with the agency whilst you try to secure a new perm position to keep the money coming in. Many temp jobs become permanent positions.

2. Contact WINZ!

Reach out as soon as possible with Work & Income New Zealand also, they will let you know all the services and funding that you potentially have access if you’re made redundant so you’re fully informed of your options.
Don‘t be embarrassed, they’re here to help and also have jobs available that may be suitable.

3. Use all the tools!

Update your profiles & resume that provides clear, accurate information about your skills and work history.
Online resources will double your chances . Make sure your profile is updated on at least one or more platforms such as LinkedIn, Seek or TradeMe showing your “Open to Work”.
Free CV templates are readily available online.

4. Network!

Leverage your professional & personal connections always. Ask for references or opportunities, you never know who has a job opening for you.
Remember to stay positive its a reflection on your character, skills and values especially in the tough times. Be confident in your approach and remain hopeful. Always refrain from negativity.

5. You're not alone!

Always ask for help from your companies HR or management team. Support services, counselling & redundancy packages may be on offer.
Many go through the process of redundancy each year and secure new employment. Remember to stay open to opportunities, be flexible in the current job market.
Stay focused, you'll get though this.

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Let’s find your next job!

Let’s find your next job!